Special Message

Friends in Christ,


On behalf of the Augsburg Church Council, thank you for everyone's patience, commitment and generosity in such challenging circumstances!  We've taken a rather cautious or conservative approach in keeping health and safety of the entire congregation in mind throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It was with heavy hearts we had made the decision to enter what ended up being over a year moratorium, as we optimistically waited to recognize when the right time to resume in person worship would come. However, that also presented the opportunity of some creative and alternative accommodations to continue worship remotely and still continue operations and ministries pretty well in stride.


Our goal continues to be getting the entire congregation back, and remain, in worship going forward! Perhaps we can bring some visitors along too.  We have taken the first step and enjoyed several weeks in the grove following the Memorial Day service at Burstrom. Obviously that is not sustainable indefinitely, so we will be taking the next step by moving back indoors starting in August.  As we are all adjusting in this fluid situation, most folks are comfortable migrating back inside which is great, as we'll get to enjoy the sanctuary as our place of worship as we left off! 

What to expect is as follows:

     Sunday, August 1st @ 9.00a we'll be back in the sanctuary as single service! 

     Sacrament will be both body and blood (no intinction). 

     Masks required.

     Please social distance and sit in familial units or "pods" as comfort levels permit, including Holy Communion.

These decisions have been made at the July Council mtg with abundant input with the unity of our congregation in mind and best practice. This is the most optimal solution, though we understand it's not desirable by all in every facet. It does get us back to 95% of what we're accustomed to relative to all aspects of worship, including singing. We will continue to gather regular input to continually make incremental change as we get back to the next normal, which would include both Sunday services and Wednesday services.


As Christians, we can demonstrate compassion in the slightest of ways, even helping each other in faith amidst some trepidation that may linger or simply being conscious of those that may have compromised immune systems, personal situations or otherwise. Let us keep the faith, support one another and encourage our wider community, as we continue to pray for those across the world and the medical community affected.


Until August 1st - we'll see you in the grove this Sunday, July 25th, at 9.00a - please remember BYO seating!



Sincerely in Christ,


M. Travis Dunlap

Council President



Welcome, and thank you for visiting Augsburg Lutheran Church online. We hope that our website highlights the wide variety of worship, fellowship and service opportunities available. Please feel free to read more about our church on this site, or come in for a visit. We would love to greet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ and for you, our neighbor.

Our Mission


Our mission is to believe God's saving Gospel and share His gifts of love and grace as we nurture our members in His Word and reach out to all people to bring them to faith in Christ.



Augsburg Pre-Kindergarten was founded in 1964 by Margaret Larson. She was a respected educator, a strong proponant of early childhood education, and an active participant in church and community affairs. Today Augsburg Pre-Kindergarten has developed into a program that aspires to have a program that balances self-expression and creativity with instruction suited to the pre-kindergarten age. We strive to foster the child's growing maturity, the ability to care for him or her and the materials we use, along with helping the child become aware of the world we live by using many materials and through social learning experiences. 



  • 8:00am and 10:30am services every Sunday.

  • 9:00am and 6:30pm services every Wednesday.

  • 9:00am Adult bible study every Sunday.

  • 9:00am Sunday School every Sunday.

Communion is available every Sunday & Wednesday.
Everyone is welcome!

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