Special Message

Brothers and sisters in Christ at Augsburg:

As you are well aware, we are living in an unprecedented time as the world deals with Covid-19.  Already we are seeing how this virus is impacting our daily lives, and how the landscape is constantly changing.  The strong recommendation from our Synod Bishop’s office called for an eight-week moratorium on in-person worship and public gatherings.  With much consideration we are taking the following actions:

First, we are suspending all worship events and church activities for the next three weeks, essentially the remainder of March.  We hope to offer public worship by Holy Week and Easter, but that will be subject to circumstances then.

The decision to suspend worship was not an easy one, as we know how important being fed spiritually is, especially during times of high anxiety.  It our hope that decreasing public gatherings will help contain the spread of the virus and not overwhelm our health care system.  It is my intention to at minimum make the Sunday homily available via email.  As the situation is fluid, we are considering alternate methods to supplement worship which will be communicated then.

Secondly, the impact of this crisis can be especially hard on the most vulnerable: those with limited means or who are home-bound.  We are wanting to help those in need, including members of Augsburg, so if you know of someone who is in need of food (including yourself) please contact the office.  Privacy will be respected.  Further, if you would like to assist with providing food or other help please also let the office know.  At this point, the Church office will remain open during its usual business hours and you are welcome to come by.

The other important part of this conversation is that we encourage all of us who are financially able to continue to support the ministry of the church through our pledged contributions, as we need to continue to fund operations during and after this pandemic.  Understandably, we have people whose livelihoods depend on their employment at Augsburg.  Here is where online giving is now especially helpful, or you may also mail in your contributions or come by the church.  Please be assured that we are grateful for your continued support even as our worship schedule is severely disrupted.  You may request an online giving form from the Church office or visit the church website at: www.augsburg-church.org.  Our church treasurer, Bob Ton, is also available to assist with establishing an online giving account.

Please know that we continue to pray for the entire planet, and the members of our church community during this time of uncertainty.  Recall that our faith teaches us that God’s presence is always with us, and that God’s love has been poured out to all creation through Jesus Christ.  Our nation has faced its share of adversity: world wars, economic depression and other pandemics and has come through them all due in no large part to the strength and resilience of our people.  We are all in this as one, and will get through this together.

Sincerely yours in Christ,


Pastor Bernth

Travis Dunlap, Church Council President



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Our mission is to believe God's saving Gospel and share His gifts of love and grace as we nurture our members in His Word and reach out to all people to bring them to faith in Christ.



Augsburg Pre-Kindergarten was founded in 1964 by Margaret Larson. She was a respected educator, a strong proponant of early childhood education, and an active participant in church and community affairs. Today Augsburg Pre-Kindergarten has developed into a program that aspires to have a program that balances self-expression and creativity with instruction suited to the pre-kindergarten age. We strive to foster the child's growing maturity, the ability to care for him or her and the materials we use, along with helping the child become aware of the world we live by using many materials and through social learning experiences. 



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Communion is available every Sunday & Wednesday.
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